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How Do I Get Access To Andy's Late Breaking Picks?

Sports and radio specialist Andy Slater only releases plays to a select few clients who are able to capitalize and bet on his late breaking information. Selection is invite only and must come from a referral. There currently is no public access.

How Credible is Slaters Picks?

Just go to Google & Twitter and see for yourself all of the big stories that Andy has broken through the years. Now imagine being able to profit from this information as you could wager on it before the public confirmed it and the bookmakers had adjusted their lines accordingly.

How Much does it cost?

The services here are invite only and private package access depends on the number of sports you want late breaking betting information for as well as how many years you would like to subscribe for.

Join Andy Slater Today and receive his Top Late Breaking Sports Betting Picks

Andy Slater has been breaking sports news for years and now he is finally offering his late breaking information to users who can bet on it for a paid subscription. Instead of just getting the news you’re going to get the top rated plays that you can bet on before the news is released publicly. On top of that there are other betting strategies and advantageous methods that you can use to get ahead and make money wagering on NFL, College Football/Basketball, NBA, MLB, and Hockey with the help of Slaters Picks. 

Ask for our recent results and let us know if you need anything from our team to get started with our winning sports betting and news packages today.